Medicare Insurance Clear Lake City, Houston, TX

Texas Licensed Medicare Specialist serving Clear Lake City, Houston, TX

My name is Mike Bauer. I am a licensed insurance broker specializing in Medicare. Medicare is confusing and complex—that is why I help clarify healthcare options for Houstonians in Clear Lake City, Houston, TX who become eligible for Medicare. I am happy to discuss the requirements and the available plans in your area. After meeting together, I will be able to simplify your options fitting to you. Two main options exist for people who are eligible for Medicare. The right option will depend on each person’s situation in Clear Lake City, Houston, TX.

New to Medicare?

It can be difficult and cumbersome to navigate the maze that is Medicare. Two main options exist for people who are eligible to Medicare. The right option will be different for each person.

Private insurance companies offer a Medi-Gap, or "Medicare Supplement", to help cover the majority or of the Medicare Part A and/or B costs not covered by original Medicare. Medicare supplements are standardized plans—meaning that each medigap plan letters A-N cover the same costs no matter which private carrier you choose. Starting rates and rate increases will vary.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Private insurance companies contracting with Medicare offer Medicare Advantage plans. These plans help to cover the Medicare Part A, B, and D costs. They have co-pays, co-insurance, and an out-of-pocket maximum. I can help you look at the benefits and features included in these plans.