About Us

How I Got Started

After seeing the complexity of Medicare while guiding my mother through the Medicare maze, I decided to start Houston Independent Insurance. I wanted to make the process of selecting a plan easy. More than that, I wanted to serve the client, not the carrier! 

Why Me?

1I am independent. I can be objective to scan the field of Medicare plans to see what fits you.

2. I am licensed. I am licensed in Texas, Louisiana, New York and Michigan. I repesent over a dozen carriers.

3. I want to serve you. My goal is to do what is best for you even if that means we find out you are in the best plan already for you.

To set up an appointment for this no cost service call 281-787-7358.

What Clients Are Saying!

Joe and Nell - “It was my lucky day when I passed by Mike Bauer’s table while I was shopping. My husband and I had been so frustrated with the insurance agent we had. My intuition told me very strongly to listen to Mike. He answered every single question we had and did a ton of research to make sure that the supplemental Medicare plan we got suited us perfectly. We have been referred to several other agents who never would give us the time we need. We can’t imagine navigating the supplemental insurance field without Mike’s help.”

Debi - “Mike Bauer goes the extra mile in helping his clients find the perfect individualized fit for their Medicare needs. In addition, he is very patient to explain what is often a complicated situation for those who are first experiencing the Medicare system. Always there for you through the whole process and beyond. I highly recommend him.”

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